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Japanese Larch tree

Japanese Larch tree


Japanese larch, introduced to Britain by John Veitch in 1861, is a well tried and tested forest tree especially in exposed places. It is also indispensable in an arboretum where it provides shelter and dappled shade. The annual autumn 'rain' of dead deciduous needles is a beneficial weed suppressor and source of organic nutrition for the specimens planted nearby. In addition to this the larch itself has glorious old gold autumn foliage colour which is a perfect backdrop to Sorbus, Liquidambar and Japanese maples. Evergreens too are enhanced nutritionally and visually by the close proximity of Japanese larch.

Important timber tree, very similar to european larch but having a more orangey bark.

Size: in 10 yrs=8meters - 20yrs=15metres-event.hgt=40 metres
Environment: Prefers wetter sites, loses needles in winter
Key Features: Glourious old gold colouring in autumn.
Quantity Species Size
1 - 10
11 - 30
Japanese Larch (Larix leptolepsis) 20-40 barerooted 1 + 1 £2.40 £1.58 £1.06 £0.84 £0.70
Japanese Larch (Larix leptolepsis) 40-60 barerooted 2 + 1 £2.40 £1.58 £1.06 £0.84 £0.70
Japanese Larch tree (Larix leptolepsis) 150/180PG potted £18.00 £18.00 £18.00 £18.00 £18.00
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