HOW TO…..plant a Tree – & enhance the look of your property

22nd August 2019

Enhance the look of your property, by planting trees this is an effective way to easily beautify your property.They provide shade in the summer and wind protection in winter, enhance privacy all while increasing property values at the same time.

The most common mistake when planting a tree is digging too deep a hole and too narrow.Too deep and the roots dont have sufficient oxygen to ensure growth.Too narrow and the roots cant expand sufficiently to grow and anchor the tree.

Trees should be planted no deeper than the soil in which they were originally grown.The hole width should be at least three times the diameter of the container or the spread of the roots (if barerooted). This will enable enough room for the roots to grow and establish themselves.

Planting barerooted trees. As there is no soil surrounding the roots, these need to be planted out as soon as possible.Barerooted trees should have moist roots with numerous fine hairs.These help in the early establishment of the tree and growth.

To plant barerooted trees or shrubs make a hole, put a heap of soft earth in the middle to seat the roots upon,which must be spread outward. As you fill the soil into the hole keep firming with your foot and make sure there are no air pockets.This reduces water pooling in the planting zone.

When digging the hole if the sides are smooth dig over with a fork as this makes it difficult for water to pass through.

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