Arboretum species

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  • Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ from Tree Shop Ltd Rare Magnolia

    Black Tulip Magnolia trees - NEW IN-Good size 120/150 potted.  Of all the magnolia's this is the deepest in colour of any. Truly beautiful colours. It has deep pink/burgundy flowers very eye catching in your garden which emerge in early Spring and followed by glossy large green leaves. The colours of the flowers deepens with…
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  • Magnolia Grandiflora

    Beautiful tree - Magnolia Grandiflora is an evergreen magnolia, sometimes seen growing against a wall in a sunny position, but just as likely to be seen as a good specimen shrub. Thick glossy leaves covered beneath by rusty hairs. The flowers, pure white and very fragrant, emerge from midsummer through to early autumn but to be…
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  • Magnolia Satisfaction *New In*

    Magnolia Soulangeana *Satisfaction* NEW IN - Very attractive small growing Magnolia to reach heights no more than 3 meters.  Satisfaction is a later flowering Magnolia which produces beautiful very scented two tone pink flowers in April and May and like all Magnolia the flowers come before the leaves appear. Late Spring frosts will not affect…
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  • Magnolia-leonard messel Magnolia Trees

    Magnolia Leonard Messel-Deciduous, hardy shrub or small tree. Star shaped flowers appear in spring, scented lilac pink.
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    Malus Golden Hornet Crab Apple

    MALUS GOLDEN HORNET CRAB APPLE - This is one of the most popular crab apple trees in Britain. It was first produced by Waterer's Nursery in England in 1949. It's a small low crowned semi-weeping grafted tree covered with starry white flowers in late spring. However the fruit creates the best effect. The tiny apples…
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  • Monkey Puzzle Trees (Araucaria Araucana)

    This tree has a primeval look about it. The kind of plant that would probably have been familiar to dinosaurs. It always develops a perfectly straight stem and equally spaced whorls of branches. The lower ones die off as they are starved of light by new growth above them producing an end result that is…
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  • Mop Headed Sycamore trees (Acer Brilliantissimum)

    SOUGHT AFTER TREEs Mop Headed Sycamore trees-(acer brilliantissimum) This highly ornamental small, rounded deciduous sycamore tree is grafted and is superb for the small garden. Popular for its salmon pink young foliage which turns yellow, before dark green, mottled with cream by summer, wide spreading. Brilliantissum boasts a perfect colourful display, beautiful foliage and greenish yellow flowers in spring…
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  • Paper bark birch trees (BETULA PAPYRIFERA)

    Paper Bark Birch trees -Almost all of Canada from coast to coast is the home of the paper bark birch, where the majority of the bark is chalky white. In gardens in Britain however, the bark is seldom white for long but has orangey tones, pink or pale brown areas or is largely dark purple.
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  • Paper Bark Maple trees Acer Griseum

    Paper Bark Maple trees (Acer Griseum) This is a beautiful tree native to China suitable for the arboretum or garden. It's small in size and has cinnamon coloured peeling bark. If left alone curling translucent sheets of paper thin bark eventually hang from the stems and branches. These are particularly stunning when back lit by…
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  • Persian Ironwood Trees (Parrotia persica)

    Persian Ironwood Trees- Parrotia Persica This great tangled 'birdsnest' of a tree is a must in any lowland arboretum or landscaped garden. It forms a billowing domed 6-8 metre high mass of leathery green foliage that lights up in the autumn. Every colour can be found somewhere on the plant in October, from glossy purple to red,…
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