Dry and sandy conditions

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  • Sweet Gum Liquidamber Tree

    Highly recommended ! This gorgeous beacon of autumn will look great as a specimen tree to draw the eye at this time of year, especially in the sun when its leaves colour will deepen. Liquidamber styraciflua (Sweet Gum)  -The Autumn foliage colours of sweet gum are superb. The leaves are lustrous green all summer,…
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  • Tibetan Cherry (Prunus Serrula) tree

    Good planted as lawn specimen, attractive feature in winter. ! Tibetan Cherry tree (Prunus Serrula)-Also known as 'birch bark cherry' with spectacular bark.The burnished mahogany-coloured stems are unique and glisten throughout all seasons.The bark, which peels away in bands with age, makes an attractive feature in winter. The deep green leaves are willow like and…
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  • Whitebeam tree (sorbus aria)

    Whitebeam(sorbus Aria) grows well on acid soils, chalk and dry limestone. In spring leaves are silvery/white, in autumn leaves turn golden with red berries which when over-ripe can be made into a jelly to eat with venison. Scented flowers appear in May.  is a  fairly compact bushy European tree which is also native to south-east…
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  • Wych Elm Tree (Ulmas Glabra)

    Wych Elm (Ulmas Glabra) is a hardy native Elm that can be used as a hedge plant. As a hedge can be clipped which looks great in summer with its lush, big serrated leaves, in autumn turning distinctive yellow. Wych elm (Ulmus Glabra) is a very hardy, large…
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