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  • sycamore tree

    Sycamore Tree (Acer Pseudoplatanus)

    Bare root stock available Oct-April or PRE ORDER NOW and reserve Sycamore trees (acer pseudoplatanus) are wonderfully hardy and robust trees, growing in places that would stunt most others. Sycamore trees posses a shadiness that helped them to quickly become a favourite of parks, avenues, gardens and farms. The autumn is when sycamore…
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  • weeping birch betula pendual youngii tree

    Weeping Birch Betula Pendula Youngii Trees

    Betula Pendula Youngii trees - Arboretum weeping birch tree is of great value for all gardens. Striking purple foliage against silver white bark. This medium sized member of the silver birch tree gives a good umbrella of weeping shade together with a good white bark. Very graceful and as with all birches is tolerant of…
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  • Weeping purple beech

    WEEPING PURPLE BEECH (Fagus sylvatica pendula purpurea)

    Purple Weeping beech is particularly attractive, with its purple/russet red leaves. This is the finest Weeping Beech on the island. Although  smaller than the Common Green beech, this species has masses of drooping branches which may reach the ground; providing welcome shade during the summer months. During the winter months the sculptural form of the…
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  • Wellingtonia - Sequoiadendron giganteum

    Wellingtonia (sequoiadendron giganteum)

    Wellingtonia (sequoiadendron giganteum) is a familiar tree in parks, large gardens and private estates throughout Britain. The dark green spire of foliage reaches skywards and stands well above all the other trees around it.  Lower branches tend to become gracefully down-swept until, on reaching the ground, they take root and begin to shoot upwards again.…
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  • wych elm foliage

    Wych Elm (Ulmas Glabra)

    Wych Elm (Ulmas Glabra) is a hardy native Elm that can be used as a hedge plant. As a hedge Wych Elm can be clipped which looks great in summer with its lush, big serrated leaves, in autumn turning distinctive yellow. Wych elm is a very hardy, large…
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