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Atlas Cedar trees (Cedrus Atlantica)

Amelanchier Canadensis, RAINBOW PILLAR trees 'new in stock' Snowy Mespilus Trees. Rainbow Pillar is a NEW variety, hardy in the UK. A decidious small columnar tree ideal for any garden but would make a good specimen in small gardens. Spring time brings this tree alive with clusters of scented white flowers, followed by small green leaves which in Autumn turn shades of red, orange and yellow which is why it is called Rainbow Pillar. Dark purple fruits in late summer apparently can be used to make jams or pies. A mature Rainbow Pillar will only grow to 4 metres in height with a spread of 2.5metres so it is excellent as a potted tree on your patio or roof terrace. Plant as a single specimen or in groups in a larger landscape. Will do well in neutral soil but prefers slightly acidic pH. Tolerates salt so would be a good selection for coastal gardens.

in 10 yrs=8meters - 20yrs=15metres-event.hgt=30 metres


in 10 yrs=8meters - 20yrs=15metres-event.hgt=30 metres

Key Features

Evergreen very large tree usually found in large grounds, parks

Atlas Cedar trees (Cedrus Atlantica)
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120 - 150
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