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Garnet Maple trees (acer palmatum garnet)

An ideal gift Japanese maple trees (acer palmatum garnet)  Deciduous small Japanese maple which can be planted out on a patio in a large pot, or as a specimen shrub in the rock garden. Also used for bonsai. Finely lobed red leaves open up during April and go a deeper red throughout the summer.  Autumn colours are more deeper reds and purple. A slow growing shrub not tall but spreading. Doesn't like full sun but will tolerate dappled shade and prefers a more sheltered position out of strong winds which can cause wind burn but this is not fatal.

in 10 yrs=1metre - event hgt. 2metre


Ericacious soil best, not exposed position.

Key Features

Good summer shrub/tree. Does well in large tub on patio

Garnet Maple trees (acer palmatum garnet)
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