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Golden Locust trees Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia

Very popular trees  -Golden colour intensifies in autumn. Golden Locust trees -Few arboretum trees have the same impact through the summer as the popular golden locust. The pale golden leaves light up a dark corner backed by copper beech, yew or other evergreens; or dramatically reflect the sun against blue sky. In autumn the golden colour intensifies. This tree is tough and very hardy. It benefits from pruning back in the first few years after planting if it is tending to outgrow its strength and bend over. It is of Dutch origin raised in 1935. Little is yet known about its probable lifespan, but trees 15-30 years old are a delight to own The golden locust tree is a pleasing common sight in many gardens both small and large.  Leaves of buttery yellow/green makes this tree stand out. Eventual height approx. 12-15meters.

Typically 40' to 50' (12m to 15m) tall but can be up to 70' (20m) tall.


Full sun. Tolerant of most soils and can perform well in dry, sterile sandy soils. Tolerant of salt, heat, pollution, a very tough plant.

Key Features

Grown for their feathery butter-gold foliage. Splash of gold

Golden Locust trees Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia
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