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Green Beech Trees (Fagus Sylvatica)

Bare root stock available Oct-April or PRE ORDER NOW and reserve Green Beech Trees (Fagus sylvatica) the mighty Green Beech makes a bold statement, consequently it is a top pick among home owners looking for a low maintenance tree to decorate their property. What's more, can live up to 400 years, once planted, the specimen will remain an attractive fixture for generations to come. Beech is potentially a large noble tree which is thought to be native in the south of Britain, makes a good specimen tree and an excellent beech hedge. Beech nuts are a useful food for the wildlife. Shady summer green beech woods are a delight to see and walk in. It produces fine timber trees even on thin chalk and limestone soils. Beech is a shade tolerant species so plantations can be maintained at close spacing to produce straight knot free timber. This is in great demand for furniture, plywood and flooring. Beech hedging: Pruning a beech hedge can be done late August but if too late you can prune in early spring i.e. February only if weather is not really cold. If you need to really reduce the height of beech by more than 50% this should be done over two seasons. Our range of Beech plants include (Purple Beech-Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea)(Weeping Green Beech-Fagus Sylvatica Pendula)(Weeping Purple Beech-Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea Pendula)

Eventual height 30 meters spread 20 meters


Moist, well-drained, acidic soil. Does not like excessively wet soils. Full sun best.

Key Features

Retains some leaves during the winter

Green Beech Trees (Fagus Sylvatica)
Green Beech Trees (Fagus Sylvatica)
Green Beech Trees (Fagus Sylvatica)
Size (cm)
40 - 60
150 - 180
Price1 - 10
Price11 - 30
Price31 - 150
Price151 - 1000
Price1000+ +
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