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Laurel hedging plants (prunus lauroceraus)

Laurel hedging plants (prunus lauroceraus), sometimes called Cherry Laurel, is one of the most regularly used plants for hedging as it is fast growing, dense and evergreen. Clusters of fragrant white flowers are produced in spring and contrast well with the glossy dark green leaves to 15cm in length. Followed by cherry-like glossy red fruits soon turning black, are occasionally produced in autumn, though can be harmful if eaten. Laurel hedging has a relatively fast growth rate of around 30 - 60cm per year, making it an economical way to achieve height. In fact, it can easily grow to between 20 - 30ft high over time, but it is easy to maintain to a lower height This familiar evergreen can reach 10 metres in height and spreads widely. It has been extensively planted for pheasant cover and ornament in Britain since 1576. Its origin is Eastern Europe and Asia Minor.  Laurel hedging plants (prunus lauroceraus) is most useful for screening as it is dense, evergreen and quick growing.  Laurel makes a good hedge plant but will need maintenance at least once or twice a year. More hedging plants here Potted available now Bare root stock available Oct-April or PRE ORDER NOW and reserve  

Can reach heights of 10 meters


most soils will tolerate semi shade.

Key Features:

Evergreen used commonly for hedging. April white flowers followed by black cherry-like fruits.

Laurel hedging plants (prunus lauroceraus)
Laurel hedging plants (prunus lauroceraus)
Laurel hedging plants (prunus lauroceraus)
Size (cm)
60 - 90
40/50 potted
Price1 - 10
Price11 - 30
Price31 - 150
Price151 - 1000
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