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Sugar Maple Acer Saccharum Ornamental

Sugar maple tree- Acer Saccharum is grown in Britain more as a talking point than for its ornamental merit.  Superficially this tree resembles Norway maple but it is usually more upright. It comes from a huge area in North America from sub tropical Guatemala and Mexico to Canada.  This is the true sugar maple producing sap from which maple syrup is made. In America the foliage colour is also quite spectacular, but most British trees tend to depend on our summers.  If the Sugar Maple gets a good summer and plenty of sunshine then it will  display in autumn a good colouring of red, purples and yellows.  Maples should be planted at least 7 meters away from any building.

in 10 years 6mts. 20years 12mts. event. hgt 20 metres


Will grow on most soils.

Key Features

In America the foilage is spectacular but most British trees tend only to turn briefly yellow and then red.

Sugar Maple Acer Saccharum Ornamental
Size (cm)
120 - 150
Price1 - 10
Price11 - 30
Price31 - 150
Price151 - 1000
Price1000+ +
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