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Veitchs Silver Fir

Excellent Gift! Veitchs Silver Fir-Of all the full sized fir species which can be grown in Britain this is probably the most ornamental. It has a graceful conical form eventually with down-swept lower branches. The luxuriant deep green foliage is stunning silvery-white on the underside. The cones, usually produced near the top of the tree, are deep blue in summer. The stem is vertical and straight, reminiscent of a forest tree (which of course it is), but the speed of growth and ultimate height will be less than most commercial conifers. As a landscape feature this species makes an ideal backdrop to other plants or a wind proof shelter belt. It can also be used as a respectable individual specimen or an interesting component of a pinetum. Silver fir trees prefer shade in their youth and full light at maturity. They are best on moist slightly acid soil, but will tolerate a wide range of conditions. The climate in Britain is unlikely to become cold enough to cause severe damage, but trees may blow down or break in exceptional gales. Clumps of this species may be planted at close final spacing, down to as little as 3 metres between plants that are expected to stand together for 50-60 years. The species, introduced in 1879, occurs naturally on the central Japanese island of Honshu. It was discovered by John Gould Veitch, the Chelsea and Exeter nurseryman, on the slopes of mount Fuji in 1860.
Size: Eventual height 20 meters Spread 15 meters.

Best in good, moist soil. Lime-free soil and high rainfall for best growth ra

Key Feature

Attractive tree when young undersides are silvery

Veitchs Silver Fir
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