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Weeping Pear (pyrus salicifolia pendula) Trees

Weeping pear ornamental tree (pyrus salicifolia pendula) is a very elegant small tree with long sweeping willow-like branches. A good garden tree suitable for even very small gardens as it only grows up to 4 meters x 4 meters wide. It's easy to maintain, should it get untidy with branches dragging down onto the ground. Pruning can be done through winter when you will easily see any branches that seem tangled. Prune out all upward facing shoots.  Prune down to a bud that faces sideways as this will encourage a weeping growth in the spring.

Eventual height 4-6meters but can be pruned down to size


Will grow on most soils.

Key Features

Weeping pear,pear, carrying pear shaped green inedible fruits.Garden tree

Weeping Pear (pyrus salicifolia pendula) Trees
Size (cm)
120 - 150
Price1 - 10
Price11 - 30
Price31 - 150
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