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Wild Service Tree (Sorbus Torminalis)

The wild service tree (sorbus torminalis) has red - crimson leaves in autumn and is one of the rarest of British native trees. Flowers appear May/June time, clustered fruit ripens in September, leaves turn purplish/red in autumn. In years gone by the berries were a delicacy for country folk, hanging from strings in kitchens to ripen and then eaten like sweets, full of sugar and exotic hints of dried apricot and sultana. The bark is an attractive dark brown and pale grey.  Young trees are conic whilst older trees tall-domed and spreading. Flowers are white and the fruits are rounded in clusters, leathery brown.  Ripens in September. Leaves turn crimson red in autumn which is a pleasing sight. PRUNING of Wild Service Tree should be done in late winter or early Spring.

in 10 years 6mts. 20years 12mts. event. hgt 20metres


best on chalk soils

Key Features:

white flowers in late spring, red/crimson leaves in Autum

Wild Service Tree (Sorbus Torminalis)
Cell Grown
Size (cm)
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Price11 - 30
Price31 - 150
Price151 - 1000
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