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Red Robin (photinia fraseri)
Red Robin (photinia fraseri)  Red Robin (photinia fraseri)

Red Robin (photinia fraseri)


Red Robin-Photinia Frasier- a beautiful hedging species which introduces bright colours into the garden. The new spring growth of bright new red leaves, which deepen and mature to a fantastic glossy red/green .It's good evergreen hedg but not quite as dense as some other species but is easy to maintain.  Can benefit by trimming in Spring and summer.  Avoid trimming after mid August as we sometimes experience early frosts which can damage vulnerable new growth.  A red robin can grow up to 30cm in a year and to help keep it under control and to encourage the new bright red leaves it can be maintained by pruning back stems by upto 15cm (6 inches). Cut just above an outward facing bud. 

Environment: Good in sun or partial shade and any moist well drained soil.
Key Features: Bright new red seasons growth
Quantity Species Size
1 - 10
11 - 30
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