HOW TO…..plant a hedge

22nd August 2019

By far the cheapest way of making a hedge is to buy bundles of bare-root, deciduous hedging plants. These are available only between late autumn and early spring, but small ones cost very little.

If you cannot plant them straight away, heel them in by planting them temporarily in a hole or trench somewhere in the garden to keep them fresh.

So, now you are ready to plant the hedge.  We suggest that most hedging plants e.g size 40/60cm require 3 plants per metre if a single hedge is required OR 5/6 plants if a thick wide hedge is required.  There should be no need to dig large holes, just with a good spade split the ground, put in the plant and make sure no gaps for any air can get into the roots (this is usually done by heeling in with your foot around the base of the plant) firming in the plant.  Spacing for conifers may vary so it is best to enquire about spacing when purchasing.  Do not forget to water your young plants in their first season.  If you need tree protectors against rabbits, deer, horses then purchase these at the same time as your plants.

Alternatively, pot-grown hedging plants can be planted at any time of the year when the ground is in a suitable state.

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