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  • Joseph Rock Rowan trees (SORBUS JOSEPH ROCK)

    A quality good tree!  Potted Joseph Rock sale price £35.00 Joseph Rock trees -This mysterious mountain ash is probably of Chinese origin but that is by no means certain. It was given a collection number by Joseph Rock (1884-1962) an Austrian botanist working for the US Department of Agriculture who travelled in China…
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  • Laburnum-Laburnum Watereri Vossii

    Popular garden trees! ON SPECIAL OFFER Laburnum. Laburnum Vossii trees are proving a very popular garden tree which is the common name Golden Rain Tree or in Latin, Laburnum x Watereri Vossii.  The Laburnum has mid green foliage and has a superb display of long racemes of golden yellow flowers often growing to 60cm in length…
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    Silver Maple is a beautiful round headed tree. Cut five lobed leaves which are green on top and silvery white underneath which look very stunning when the wind rushes through them. This tree looks good in the autumn with charming leaves that can change to red and oranges.  It develops winged seeds that feed mammals…
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  • Weeping Pear (pyrus salicifolia pendula)

    Weeping Pear  (pyrus salicifolia pendula) is a very elegant small tree with long sweeping willow-like branches. A good garden tree suitable for even very small gardens as it only grows up to 4 meters x 4 meters wide. It's easy to maintain, should it get untidy with branches dragging down onto the ground then pruning…
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