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  • Joseph Rock Rowan trees (SORBUS JOSEPH ROCK)

    A quality good tree!  Potted Joseph Rock sale price £35.00 Joseph Rock trees -This mysterious mountain ash is probably of Chinese origin but that is by no means certain. It was given a collection number by Joseph Rock (1884-1962) an Austrian botanist working for the US Department of Agriculture who travelled in China…
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  • Laburnum-Laburnum Watereri Vossii

    Popular garden trees! ON SPECIAL OFFER Laburnum. Laburnum Vossii trees are proving a very popular garden tree which is the common name Golden Rain Tree or in Latin, Laburnum x Watereri Vossii.  The Laburnum has mid green foliage and has a superb display of long racemes of golden yellow flowers often growing to 60cm in length…
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  • Sweet Gum Liquidamber Tree

    SALE ON POTTED LIQUID AMBER Highly recommended! This gorgeous beacon of autumn will look great as a specimen tree to draw the eye at this time of year, especially in the sun when its leaves colour will deepen. Liquid Amber Styraciflua (Sweet Gum)  -The Autumn foliage colours of sweet gum are superb.…
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