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  • Alder Buckthorn trees Rhamanus Frangula |Tree Shop|

    Alder Buckthorn trees (Rhamnus fragula) is a small, thornless tree of wet woodland, riverbanks and heath lands. It is widespread, but scarce across England and Wales. Clusters of pale green flowers appear in late spring and bunches of red berries ripen to a purple-black colour in autumn. Both Alder and Purging buckthorn are the main food…
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  • Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree

    Strawberry trees (arbutus unedo) is evergreen. It is a striking tree or shrub with its leathery green leaves, making a superb focal point for any garden both large and small. The creamy/pink heather like flowers appear in autumn followed by plump scarlet red fruits that do indeed look like strawberries but unfortunately do not taste…
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  • Bird Cherry trees (Prunus Padus)

    Bird cherry trees are native to Britain and look stunning in late spring when they are covered with masses of white almond scented fragrant blossom. An important tree for wildlife as well as ornamental value. It's a wild cherry with clusters of glossy-black berried fruits that only the birds will eat , in fact loved…
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  • Blackthorn Hedging

    Blackthorn hedging (Prunus Spinosa). Blackthorn also known as sloe hedge has dark strong thorns making it a perfect barrier against unwanted pets and visitors. Beautiful white flowers are produced in early spring, followed by Sloe berries that ripen to a deep purple in colour in the autumn. Eaten eagerly by most animals and larger birds…
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  • COMMON OAK (Quercus Robor)

    Common or English oak trees , Quercus Robor is found across most of lowland Britain. Broadly spreading tree, grows well on heavy clays. In May leaves and flowers appear together. Common oak supports more species of insect than any other native tree. Oak timber is legendary for its strength and appearance. There are good and bad…
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  • Downy Birch (betula pubescens)

    British native birch trees are the best choice of trees for planting on wet sites. It is completely hardy throughout Britain and will provide shelter for other species of trees planted nearby. Downy birch is extremely valuable for wildlife because of the large number of insects and mites which are associated with it. The shoots are…
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  • Elder Berry tree or shrub (sambucus nigra) On Line from Tree-Shop

    Elder Berry Tree or bush.  It's a bushy native species which grows rapidly when young. It's floriferous in June with numerous creamy-white flat cymes. These are followed by juicy purple-black berries in dense heavy clusters.  Most famously sought after for the fruits to make good old fashioned delicious Elderberry Wine.
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  • Field Maple (Acer Campestre)

    ONE OF OUR BEST SELLERS ! Field Maple (Acer Campestre) hedging plants are the only UK native maple.  Excellent as hedging or as a garden tree.  It has bright green leaves with red tinges in summer and fantastic stunning yellow colours in autumn. Very good for area of the garden that need some autumn colours. Widely planted…
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  • Green Beech Trees (Fagus Sylvatica)

    Green Beech Trees (Fagus sylvatica) the mighty Green Beech makes a bold statement, consequently it is a top pick among home owners looking for a low maintenance tree to decorate their property. What's more, can live up to 400 years, once planted, the specimen will remain an attractive fixture for generations to come. Beech is…
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  • Guelder Rose Viburnum Opulus

    Guelder Rose Viburnum Opulus this deciduous shrub produces beautiful orange autumn foliage colour together with heavy bunches of glutinous scarlet berries. The guelder rose seldom exceeds 4 metres in height but spreads widely. In spring it has tight clusters of strikingly white flowers. It's a British native species commonly found along woodland edges in lowland…
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