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  • Wild Service Tree (Sorbus Torminalis)

    The wild service tree (sorbus torminalis) has red - crimson leaves in autumn and is one of the rarest of British native trees. Flowers appear May/June time, clustered fruit ripens in September, leaves turn purplish/red in autumn. In years gone by the berries were a delicacy for country folk, hanging from strings in kitchens to ripen and then…
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  • Willow (Goats willow), (Pussy Willow) Salix Caprea

    Salix Caprea - Goats willow also known as pussy willow or sallow.  Normally grows as a sizeable bush but occasionally reaches 10 metres as a small tree. In spring, male trees are quite stunning with their display of bright yellow catkins. The female tree's catkins develop cottony seeds which are released into the wind during…
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  • Wych Elm trees (Ulmas Glabra). Hardiest elm, able to grow in coastal conditions and by water.

    Wych Elm trees (Ulmas Glabra) is a hardy native Elm that can be used as a hedge plant. As a hedge can be clipped which looks great in summer with its lush, big serrated leaves, in autumn turning distinctive yellow. Wych Elm (Ulmus Glabra) is a very hardy, large native tree ,…
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