Autumn Colour

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  • Amelanchier Canadensis Rainbow Pillar-Snowy Mespilus Tree

    Amelanchier Canadensis, RAINBOW PILLAR trees 'new in stock' Snowy Mespilus Trees. Rainbow Pillar is a NEW variety, hardy in the UK. A deciduous small columnar tree ideal for any garden but would make a good specimen in small gardens. Spring time brings this tree alive with clusters of scented white flowers, followed by small green…
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  • Chinese Mountain Ash – Rowan trees (Sorbus Hupehensis)

    Chinese Mountain Ash trees - Sorbus Hupehenis trees. This tree from China transplants well. Gives good, rather unusual foliage and very unusual fruit. Broad-conic crown. Striking red leaves in Autumn, followed by porcelain looking berries. The berries are not stripped off so rapidly by birds as they prefer the red berries. This rowan would make…
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  • Copper Norway Maple trees (acer platanoides schwedleri)

    Bare root stock available Oct-April or PRE ORDER NOW and reserve A good tree for the larger garden.  Copper Norway maple Trees , would make a good background tree for its colour and height.  It will grow in the right conditions up to 28 metres.  Grows well on acid…
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  • Ginkgo Tree (Maidenhair Tree)

    SPECIAL OFFER Ginkgo or Maidenhair trees makes a remarkable feature in any garden. Deciduous, upright and narrow, dark green leaves turning yellow before falling. It's known for its spectacular yellow autumn colour.  Suitable for small gardens. Ginkgo's are remarkably easy to care for and will grow in most conditions from sun through to…
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  • Golden Japanese Maple Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan

    Golden Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan)

    Golden Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan) is a medium-sized, bushy, deciduous shrub or tree,  leaf colour varying at different seasons.  This small picturesque distinctly Japanese tree brings a flash of gold to the arboretum throughout the summer months. It has rounded yellow leaves, each having about 11 toothed lobes. It is very much…
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  • Grey- Budded Snakebark Maple trees (acer rufinerve) arboretum trees

    Grey Budded Snake Bark Maple trees-The bark on young trees is smooth, olive-green with regular narrow vertical pale green to greyish stripes and small greyish lenticels: on old trees, it becomes rough and grey. The leaves turn to bright orange or red in the autumn. The very green stem and branched contrast well with the reddish…
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  • Honey Locust Sunburst Gleditsia Trianthos

    Honey locust 'Sunburst' Is a small deciduous tree with a rounded crown. Golden yellow spring foliage which darkens to pale green but then turns butter yellow in autumn. This is an elegant tree which becomes a special feature both in spring and autumn each year. Honey locust are striking trees, often planted for contrast…
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  • acer palmatum

    Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Palmatum)

    Recommended gift for any sized garden. Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Palmatum) are excellent potted for patio or terrace.  The gorgeous Japanese Maple is a must for a shaded part in your garden. This Japanese Maple starts life as a rich green and through autumn turns red, orange and bronze. Autumn is a super…
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  • Japanese Rowan tree (Sorbus Commixta)

    Bare root stock available Oct-April or PRE ORDER NOW and reserve. Japanese Rowan trees-Fairly quick growing hardy trees that can reach up to 10mtrs in height. Is most happiest in a neutral soil that is well draining withstanding full sun or partial shade. In the autumn it starts to turn a dark purple…
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  • John Downie Crab Apple (Malus John Downie)

    Malus John Downie Crab Apple - The heavy fruiting crab apple 'John Downie' was raised in Lichfield England in 1875 by Mr E Holmes. It was named after his friend and fellow nurseryman John Downie from Scotland. The tree, which resembles a free grown orchard apple in size and shape, has white blossom which starts…
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