Autumn Colour

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  • Scarlet Oak tree (Quercus Coccinea).Fantastic colour.

    Scarlet oak is one of the best hardy American oaks,  popular for its reliable bright red autumn colour. Frosty autumn mornings bring out the best of its red colour. Scarlet Oak can tolerate a variety of conditions and is not fussy about soil, though it does have a preference for dry, acidic soils. It can…
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  • Silver Birch Tree (Betula Pendula)

    The Silver Birch tree (Betula Pendula) is one of the most recognised and popular trees in Britain.  Its silvery white bark and drooping branches make this a very decorative tree for planting both as a landscape tree and in small gardens.  It may be a delicate looking tree but it is very hardy and like…
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  • Sugar Maple Acer Saccharum Ornamental

    Sugar maple tree- Acer Saccharum is grown in Britain more as a talking point than for its ornamental merit.  Superficially this tree resembles Norway maple but it is usually more upright. It comes from a huge area in North America from sub tropical Guatemala and Mexico to Canada.  This is the true sugar maple producing…
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  • Sweet Gum Liquidamber Tree

     POTTED LIQUID AMBER Highly recommended! This gorgeous beacon of autumn will look great as a specimen tree to draw the eye at this time of year, especially in the sun when its leaves colour will deepen. Liquid Amber Styraciflua (Sweet Gum)  -The Autumn foliage colours of sweet gum are superb. The leaves…
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  • autumn colours

    Tupelo Black Gum Nyssa Sylvatica tree

    Tupelo - Nyssa Sylvatica trees are grown entirely for their good autumn colourings. The glossy leaves, 5-15cm in length and retaining  their high gloss as they turn gold, after which the outer leaves turn through orange to scarlet. It's then at its best, after which the whole crown is scarlet and dark red. A fine…
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  • Wild Cherry Prunus Avium – white blossom

        Prunus Avium (Wild Cherry) fruits are bright red to dark purple in colour. The white blossom of our native cherries has brightened Britain's hedgerows and woodlands for millennia. The blossom has an unforgettable display in spring. The flowers fragrance and sweet nectar attract insects to the tree to pollinate it. If the bark…
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  • Wingnut Tree (Pterocarya Fraxinifolia)

    WINGNUT TREE - This spectacular striking tree, it is difficult not to be impressed by them, even if they are seen in winter, bare of foliage. Makes a lovely shade tree, a cool place to walk into, or eat, on a hot summer day. This large deciduous tree is a member of the same family…
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