Autumn Colour

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  • Japanese rowan trees (sorbus commixta)

    Japanese Rowan trees-Fairly quick growing hardy trees that can reach up to 10mtrs in height. Is most happiest in a neutral soil that is well draining withstanding full sun or partial shade. In the autumn it starts to turn a dark purple and then becomes scarlet before turning deep red, with large clusters of red berries.
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    John Downie Crab apple (Malus John Downie)

    Malus John Downie Crab Apple -The heavy fruiting crab apple 'John Downie' was raised in Lichfield England in 1875 by Mr E Holmes. It was named after his friend and fellow nurseryman John Downie from Scotland. The tree, which resembles a free grown orchard apple in size and shape, has white blossom which starts off…
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  • Joseph Rock Rowan trees (SORBUS JOSEPH ROCK)

    A quality good tree!  Potted Joseph Rock sale price £35.00 Joseph Rock trees -This mysterious mountain ash is probably of Chinese origin but that is by no means certain. It was given a collection number by Joseph Rock (1884-1962) an Austrian botanist working for the US Department of Agriculture who travelled in China…
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    Kashmir Rowan trees (sorbus cashmiriana)

    Kashmir Rowan trees-Clusters of soft pink flowers in spring, followed in midsummer by heavy bunches of attractive pure white fruits which persist right into the winter, even after the leaves have fallen. This is a superb small ornamental mountain ash which has the double attraction of spring flowers and persistent berries later on. The pretty flowers…
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  • Katsura Trees Cercidiphyllum Japonicum

    GREAT present, heart shaped leaves! Katsura Trees-Cercidiphyllum Japonicum (sometimes called the candy floss tree) is one of the most enchanting of all trees that fits in a small garden. It's a lovely easily grown deciduous tree with its neat, heart-shaped leaves that have a pink-bronze tint when young in the spring and become…
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    Malus Golden Hornet Crab Apple

    MALUS GOLDEN HORNET CRAB APPLE - This is one of the most popular crab apple trees in Britain. It was first produced by Waterer's Nursery in England in 1949. It's a small low crowned semi-weeping grafted tree covered with starry white flowers in late spring. However the fruit creates the best effect. The tiny apples…
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  • Mop Headed Sycamore trees (Acer Brilliantissimum)

    Mop Headed Sycamore trees-(acer brilliantissimum) This highly ornamental small, rounded deciduous sycamore tree is grafted and is superb for the small garden. Popular for its salmon pink young foliage which turns yellow, before dark green, mottled with cream by summer, wide spreading. Brilliantissimum boasts a perfect colourful display, beautiful foliage and greenish yellow flowers in…
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  • Norway Maple Tree (Acer Platanoides)

    GOOD AUTUMN COLOURING Norway Maple trees -  is a species of maple that is deciduous and can grow up to 20/30 metres tall with a good rounded crown.  The bark is grey/brown, the new shoots start off green but become pale brown.  Winter buds  are shiny red/brown. Good autumn colouring with yellow, sometimes orange.  Flowers…
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  • Paper Bark Maple trees Acer Griseum

    Paper Bark Maple trees (Acer Griseum) Dating back to 1901 in Britain this is a beautiful Chinese curiosity suitable for the arboretum or garden. It's small in size and has cinnamon coloured peeling bark. If left alone curling translucent sheets of paper thin bark eventually hang from the stems and branches. These are particularly stunning…
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  • Persian Ironwood Tree (Parrotica Persica)

    The Persian Ironwood Tree - Parrotica Persica looks like a great tangled 'birds nest' of a tree and is a must in any lowland arboretum or landscaped garden. It can form a billowing domed 6-8 metre high mass of leathery green foliage that looks best in autumn where every colour can be found somewhere on…
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