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Persian Ironwood (Parrotica Persica)

Persian Ironwood (Parrotica Persica) looks like a great tangled 'birds nest' of a tree and is a must in any lowland arboretum or landscaped garden. It can form a billowing domed 6-8 metre high mass of leathery green foliage that looks best in autumn.  Leaf colours from glossy purple to red, orange and creamy gold a must have tree for the Autumn! The bark is smooth, pinkish-brown flaking/peeling to leave a mosaic of cinnamon, pink, green, and pale yellow patches in a similar manner to plane trees.  The flowers are somewhat similar to witch-hazel flowers but dark red; they are likewise produced in late winter on bare stems. Tolerant of most soils, including chalk. Avoid heavy soils.  Sun to light shade. Persian Ironwood (Parrotica Persica) was introduced to Britain in 1840.  

Eventual height 12 meters with a spread of 10m


Prefers sunny position but will tolerate shade

Key features

Beautiful rich colours in Autumn

Persian Ironwood (Parrotica Persica)
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