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  • Alder Buckthorn trees Rhamanus Frangula |Tree Shop|

    Alder Buckthorn trees (Rhamnus fragula) is a small, thornless tree of wet woodland, riverbanks and heath lands. It is widespread, but scarce across England and Wales. Clusters of pale green flowers appear in late spring and bunches of red berries ripen to a purple-black colour in autumn. Both Alder and Purging buckthorn are the main food…
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  • Berberis Red – Thunbergii Atropurpurea Shrub and Hedging from tree-shop

    Red Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea are compact and slow growing, so ideal for low but superb prickly hedges. Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea has red leaves and Berberis Thunbergii has green leaves. Producing clusters of very small oval shaped leaves with pale yellow flowers. Both varieties are deciduous and the fruits are glossy red, jewel like fruits which…
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  • Buddleia Potted (Butterfly Bush) Tree Shop

    Buddleia  or (Buddleja Davidii) commonly known as Butterfly bush because of the attraction their flowers have for butterflies. The summer flowering is beautiful with blossom throughout the summer guaranteed to create an impact with its dense spikes of fragrant flowers. Its blossom is abundant and last from July through to October. To get the best…
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  • Common Buckthorn Rhamanus Cathartica |tree-shop|

    Common Buckthorn-A spiny 8 metre deciduous native shrub that usually produces a heavy crop of glossy black berries in early winter. These are good for pheasants in particular. The Common Buckthorn thrives on base-rich soils especially in open woods and hedgerows.
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  • Crab Apple (Malus Sylvestris) hardy tree or hedging plants

    Crab Apple is a hardy tree to can grow 10 metres tall often with spiny shoots, pinkish blossom and yellowish green to russet 2-3cm round apples. It's often confused with Malus Domestica which is larger, not spiny and has variously coloured fruit. Most hedgerow trees are self sown from discarded apple cores.  The crab apple…
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  • Dog Rose (Rosa Canina) |Tree Shop|

    The Dog Rose-Native to Britain with beautiful , profuse pale pink flowers in June and orange/red glossy rose hips in autumn. It's fast growing and scrambling with stems covered with small, hooked prickles, which aid climbing. It's well armed arching stems are a familiar sight in southern Britain. It can reach 4 metres in height or more…
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  • Elder Berry tree or shrub (sambucus nigra) On Line from Tree-Shop

    Elder Berry Tree or bush.  It's a bushy native species which grows rapidly when young. It's floriferous in June with numerous creamy-white flat cymes. These are followed by juicy purple-black berries in dense heavy clusters.  Most famously sought after for the fruits to make good old fashioned delicious Elderberry Wine.
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  • Field Rose hedging plants or shrub (rosa arvensis)

    Field Rose -An extremely useful wild rambler, the Field Rose is perfectly happy in wild or cottage gardens in poor soil. It also scrambles out long stems covered in pure white, musky scented flowers 4-5cm across in early summer. They are followed by round red hips. Common Native Rose of hedgerows and woods with long slender stems…
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  • Guelder Rose Viburnum Opulus

    Guelder Rose Viburnum Opulus this deciduous shrub produces beautiful orange autumn foliage colour together with heavy bunches of glutinous scarlet berries. The guelder rose seldom exceeds 4 metres in height but spreads widely. In spring it has tight clusters of strikingly white flowers. It's a British native species commonly found along woodland edges in lowland…
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  • Laurel hedging plants (prunus lauroceraus)

    Laurel (sometimes called Cherry Laurel) is one of the most regularly used plants for hedging as it is fast growing, dense and evergreen. Clusters of fragrant white flowers are produced in spring and contrast well with the glossy dark green leaves to 15cm in length. Followed by cherry-like glossy red fruits soon turning black, are occasionally produced in autumn,…
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