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  • Privet Hedging Plants – Ligustrum Vulgare

    Privet Hedging Plants - Ligustrum Vulgare is a dense hedging plant as long as it is not in too much shade, tolerates poor soil. Can be clipped hard back. Grows rapidly with white flowers appearing in summer. It is semi-evergreen and produces an open bush up to 5 metres tall. Usually it will have a…
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  • rosa rugosa ramanus rose

    Ramanas Rose (Rosa Rugosa)

    The Ramanas Rose (Rosa Rugosa) will succeed in most soils but prefers light well drained, tolerates coastal conditions, suckers freely, flowers are white or pink, hips are large and orange/red in colour. A good plant for adding to countryside hedges where it grows quickly and thick. Bare root stock available Oct-April or PRE…
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  • sea buckthorn

    Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides)

    Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) is thorny with stiff branches. Leaves are distinct pale silvery green. Orange berry fruit, soft and juicy rich in oils. Very resistant to frost injury, making it more suitable for planting. This is not just a seaside plant, although it thrives near the sea especially on sand dunes. It can rapidly…
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  • snowberry

    Snowberry (Symphoricarpos)

    Bare root stock available Oct-April or PRE ORDER NOW and reserve The Snowberry hedge is most commonly grown for its stunning white berries that appear in Autumn. Easy to maintain and tolerant of most soil types and weather conditions.
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  • Spindleberry Bush (Euonymus Europaeus)

    Spindleberry Bush (Euonymus Europaeus) is a British native shrub. It's a good garden shrub or is best grown in mixed wildlife hedges and on woodland margins. Fast growing, it's an attractive shrub in Autumn when the leaves turn bright red and contrast with the exquisite pink and orange 4-lobed fruits, which split partially open to…
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  • sweet briar rose

    Sweet Briar Rose (Rosa Rubiginosa)

    Sweet Briar Rose (Rosa Rubiginosa) has fantastic pink scented flowers with a golden centre and are produced in clusters from late spring to mid summer. The foliage has strong apple-like fragrance. It grows well on most soil conditions including chalk. Doesn't like dense shade or exposed areas but does like coastal areas. In June scented…
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  • Wayfaring Tree Viburnum Lantana

    Wayfaring Tree Viburnum Lantana has clusters of small, often fragrant white flowers, followed by red, blue or black berries. This is an upright deciduous shrub with finely toothed, broadly ovate grey-green leaves and domed clusters of small tubular white flowers in late spring, followed by heavy crops of slightly flattened berries, red fruits which ripen…
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  • wild plum

    Wild Cherry Plum Prunus Myroblana

      Wild Cherry Plum Prunus Myroblana Tree or hedging.  Deep in the summer, wild plums start to ripen and take on a range of royal colours, from blushing peach to port red to amethyst. When fully ripen, unriped bitterness is replaced by a honeyed-sweetness that make wild plums mouthwatering. Bark is dark grey on perennial branches…
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  • Wild Pear (Pyrus Communis)

    Wild Pear (Pyrus Communis) is a delight to see in spring when covered in white blossom and in autumn with a superb display of orange and reds. It flowers heavily in April when the leaves are still small and pale green. The edible fruit produced in autumn is usually sweet and quite delicious but because…
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