Native trees

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  • ASPEN Populus Tremula- Buy Online

    Aspen (Populas Tremula) It is a very hardy species and tolerates long, cold winters and short summers. Aspen is resistant to browsing pressure by fallow deer due to unpleasant taste. The silver marked bark and the quiver foliage makes this tree extremely attractive.  A rapid growing tree that is useful for screening.  Constantly throwing up suckers.
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  • Bird Cherry trees (Prunus Padus)

    Bird cherry trees are native to Britain and look stunning in late spring when they are covered with masses of white almond scented fragrant blossom. An important tree for wildlife as well as ornamental value. It's a wild cherry with clusters of glossy-black berried fruits that only the birds will eat , in fact loved…
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  • Black Walnut trees (Juglans Nigra)

    Black Walnut trees-(Juglans Nigra) is a tough tree-In autumn it turns brilliant gold colour. The black walnut is a large, fast growing deciduous tree with distinctive ridged bark and butter yellow autumn leaves. An abundance of edible nuts are produced in autumn,  you probably know when they are ready when you see lots of squirrels in your tree.…
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    COAST REDWOOD Sequoia Sempervirens available now

    Sequoia Sempervirens or Coast Redwood is a very fast, tall growing tree with a distinctive narrow conical shape.  The bark of this tree is made up of a thick soft spongy feel to it, reddish in colour and this in its native habitat which is North America would help to insulate it against wildfires.  Slightly…
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  • Common Alder trees (alnus glutinosa

    Trees, the valuable British native (alnus glutinosa) common alder tree species that's known to directly support over 90 different organisms. Thrives in wet soils, prevents erosion on river banks. Male and female catkins grow on same tree ripening in spring. The rough bark can sprout young shoots. It will grow on wet sites that are not…
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    Common Dogwood -Cornus Sanquinea

    Our Common Dogwood (Cornus Sanquinea) is a good native British Dogwood. A multi stemmed shrub, it's found in hedgerow and has  stunning burgundy stems in winter. It is common in countryside hedges as it is a little too untidy to make it a good specimen shrub but good for wildlife cover in wet areas where…
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  • COMMON OAK (Quercus Robor)

    Common or English oak trees , Quercus Robor is found across most of lowland Britain. Broadly spreading tree, grows well on heavy clays. In May leaves and flowers appear together. Common oak supports more species of insect than any other native tree. Oak timber is legendary for its strength and appearance. There are good and bad…
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  • Common Walnut trees (Juglans Regia)

    Common Walnut trees (Juglans Regia)- The bark is smooth, olive brown when young and silvery-grey on older branches. The male flowers are in drooping catkins and the female flowers ripen in the autumn into a fruit with husk. Walnut seeds-Walnuts are rounded, single-seeded fruits of the walnut tree. The walnut fruit is enclosed in a…
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  • Downy Birch (betula pubescens)

    British native birch trees are the best choice of trees for planting on wet sites. It is completely hardy throughout Britain and will provide shelter for other species of trees planted nearby. Downy birch is extremely valuable for wildlife because of the large number of insects and mites which are associated with it. The shoots are…
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  • Field Maple (Acer Campestre)

    Field Maple trees or hedging -Acer Campestre is a deciduous British native tree particularly valued for the wildlife it supports, its small size (seldom over 18 metres tall) and fantastic brilliant yellow autumn foliage colour.Withstands air pollution, traditionally it was often managed as under wood game cover. Cutback, or even coppiced, it produces bushy regrowth giving excellent low…
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