Native trees

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  • Purple Beech Trees

    Beech Purple beech tree (fagus sylvatica) is a large noble tree with deep purple/russet red leaves and silver-grey bark bearing pink tinged flowers.Best planted as a specimen tree where it has space to flourish.  Beech roots thrive in shallow but fertile soil, spreading laterally just below the surface. (Our range of beech plants include Green Beech, Fagus Sylvatica) much sought after as…
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  • Purple Beech Trees (fagus Sylvatica Purpurea)

    Purple beech tree (fagus sylvatica purpurea) is a large noble tree with deep purple/russet red leaves and silver-grey bark bearing pink tinged flowers. Best planted as a specimen tree where it has space to flourish.  Beech roots thrive in shallow but fertile soil, spreading laterally just below the surface. (Our range of beech plants include…
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  • Red Alder tree (alnus rubra)

    Red Alder (Alnus Rubra) from the North-west American coastal belt this hardy deciduous pioneer is a natural companion to several familiar British grown conifers such as Douglas fir and Sitka spruce. Provenances of red alder from the Cascade Mountains and British Columbia do well here. It makes a wind firm and pleasant looking edge to…
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  • Red Oak tree (quercus rubra)

    Red Oak (quercus rubra) has fantastic red and orange autumn foliage colour. In Britain the Red Oak is by far the most commonly planted American oak. It comes from eastern North America from Nova Scotia to Georgia. The first introductions to Britain were confused by wrong identification in the early eighteenth century.The Red Oak was extensively used as…
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  • Rowan Tree Mountain Ash

    Rowan Tree or Mountain Ash (sorbus aucuparia) is a native species seen at its best amongst the acid rocky uplands of the north and in Wales. Its display of golden leaves and bunches of radiant scarlet berries on a fine October day is a memorable sight. In woodlands it grows well in association with sessile oak.   The…
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  • Sessile Oak tree (quercus patraea)

    Of the two common oaks in Britain the (quercus patraea) sessile oak tends to prefer clay soil or sandy sites. It is native. Common and sessile oak are very alike but the sessile oak produces it's acorns directly onto the twigs whereas the common oak produces acorns onto stalks.  Sessile leaves underneath are slightly hairy.
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  • Silver Birch Tree

    The Silver Birch tree is one of the most recognised and popular trees in Britain.  Its silvery white bark and drooping branches make this a very decorative tree for planting both as a landscape tree and in small gardens.  It may be a delicate looking tree but it is very hardy and like the rowan can…
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  • Small Leaf Lime (tilia cordata)

    Small leaf lime (tilia cordata) is an excellent tree for avenue planting and gives good shade. Branches grow downwards, the leaves are dark green and shiny. July sees the scented greenish/yellow flowers form. Its fruit unlike that of other limes is not ribbed or hairy. It has nothing in common with citrus fruit but the name…
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  • Sweet Chestnut (Castanea Sativa)

    Sweet chestnuts roasting on an open fire at Christmas, whilst in the kitchen preparations are under way in making chestnut stuffing.  A lovely thought, in late summer early autumn the chestnuts ripen to full size,some bursting out of the spiky cases.The chestnuts we buy in shops today are usually imported from France or Italy.  Most trees…
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  • Sycamore Tree (Acer Pseudoplatanus)

    Sycamore trees (acer pseudoplatanus) are wonderfully hardy and robust trees, growing in places that would stunt most others.  Sycamore trees posses a shadiness that helped them to quickly become a favourite of parks, avenues, gardens and farms. The autumn is when sycamore trees really stand out. The winged seeds playfully descend to earth like little…
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