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Rowan Tree Mountain Ash

Rowan Tree or Mountain Ash (sorbus aucuparia) is a native species seen at its best amongst the acid rocky uplands of the north and in Wales. Its display of golden leaves and bunches of radiant scarlet berries on a fine October day is a memorable sight. In woodlands it grows well in association with sessile oak.   The rowan is widely planted to decorate streets and gardens not only for its striking looks but also for its slender size thus making it a good garden tree for smaller gardens.  Rowan berries are not poisonous but can be used for digestion problems.  Apparently the berries from the rowan can be made into a jelly rich in vitamin C which is eaten with game. See other members of the Rowan family, Chinese Rowan, Japanese Rowan, Kashmir Rowan, Joseph Rock Rowan. PRUNING Rowans are best pruned in late Autumn or early winter, removing any crossing or rubbing branches.  A clear trunk can be achieved by pruning any new

Typically 20' to 40' (6m to 12m) tall.


Prefers cool to cold climates best. Likes well-drained, loamy acidic soils. Avoid high pH soils.

Key Features

orangey non poisonous red berries attracts the birds. useful for small gardens

Rowan Tree Mountain Ash
Rowan Tree Mountain Ash
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150 - 180
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