Wet Areas

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  • Alder Buckthorn trees Rhamanus Frangula |Tree Shop|

    Alder Buckthorn trees (Rhamnus fragula) is a small, thornless tree of wet woodland, riverbanks and heath lands. It is widespread, but scarce across England and Wales. Clusters of pale green flowers appear in late spring and bunches of red berries ripen to a purple-black colour in autumn. Both Alder and Purging buckthorn are the main food…
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  • ASPEN Populus Tremula- Buy Online

    Aspen (Populas Tremula) It is a very hardy species and tolerates long, cold winters and short summers. Aspen is resistant to browsing pressure by fallow deer due to unpleasant taste. The silver marked bark and the quiver foliage makes this tree extremely attractive.  A rapid growing tree that is useful for screening.  Constantly throwing up suckers.
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  • Brewers weeping Spruce trees (picea breweriana) evergreen arboretum tree ‘a must have spruce’.

    Fantastic for lawn centre piece Brewers Spruce trees(picea breweriana).   An evergreen conifer forming a medium-sized tree of broadly conical habit, with drooping curtains of dark green foliage, and oblong purplish cones to 10cm in length. With rigid, needle-like leaves arranged singly all round the shoots, and narrow, leathery-scaled cones borne near the ends of the…
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  • Common Alder trees (alnus glutinosa

    Trees, the valuable British native (alnus glutinosa) common alder tree species that's known to directly support over 90 different organisms. Thrives in wet soils, prevents erosion on river banks. Male and female catkins grow on same tree ripening in spring. The rough bark can sprout young shoots. It will grow on wet sites that are not…
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  • Douglas Fir tree (Pseudotsuga Menzieii)

    Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menzieii) apart from the Giant Redwood is the tallest tree growing on the North American west coast. They are large and vigorous evergreen conifers. They are great for poor soil, as long as the site is not dry. Mature trees in the open have a lush, attractive canopy. It can be grown…
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  • Dove Tree (Davidia Involucrata) or Hankerchief tree

    Dove trees (Davidia Involucrata trees) also known as the handkerchief tree or ghost tree is a deciduous conically shaped tree. It is much sought after for its large droopy white flowers that do look like 'ladies handkerchief' scattered on branches when more mature. It should be planted in rich damp soil with a fairly sheltered position.   Can tolerate full…
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  • Golden Weeping Willow Tree (Salix Chrysocoma)

    Golden weeping willow tree. From an early age golden weeping willow trees produces a round cascade of yellow twigs and green leaves, reaching almost to the ground. A fast large growing tree that can be propagated by pushing a long twig into the ground. It will soon root itself and grow into a good sapling.…
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  • Grey Alder trees (alnus incana)

    Grey Alder (alnus incana) trees.This is a widely distributed aggressive pioneer species from mainland Europe and Russia, but it is not a British native. A subspecies (rugosa) occurs across North America. It is totally hardy in most of Britain, and thrives on cold wet ground making it ideal for planting on reclaimed and derelict land.…
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  • Lawson Cypress Hedging and Tree (Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana)

    Lawson Cypress hedging of this species is now more common than plantations of it. Excellent wind break hedge when grown together with regular maintenance. Nevertheless it is a respectable forest tree in its native SW Oregon and NW California. Trees 50 metres tall are known, a salutary lesson for hedge planters! When it was introduced…
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  • Lawson Cypress Hedging Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana

    Lawson Cypress Hedging and Tree (Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana)-Britain's most popular garden conifer planted for ornamental purposes and for hedging. Tough and hardy, tolerant of most soils as long as well drained. Foliage is light green with female flower appearing on ends of branchlets and red male flowers growing on ends of branches, when ripe turn red.…
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