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Lawson Cypress (Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana)

Lawson Cypress (Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana) hedging of this species is now more common than plantations of it. Excellent wind break hedge when grown together with regular maintenance. Nevertheless it is a respectable forest tree in its native SW Oregon and NW California. Trees 50 metres tall are known, a salutary lesson for hedge planters! When Lawson Cypress (Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana) was introduced to Britain in 1854 it enjoyed early popularity as a timber tree, but was soon overtaken by western red cedar. Once established as a horticultural plant it began to produce sports and aberrations of every colour and form imaginable. These have become the stock-in-trade of many nurserymen. A massive 524 named plants have been listed and new ones are being selected all the time.

in 10 years= 6metres - 20 years=12metres-event.hgt = 30 metres


prefers moist well drained, will tolerate light shade but does well in sun

Key Features

Chamaecyparis are evergreen trees, usually of narrowly ovoid or columnar outline, with much-branched sprays of small scale-like leaves, and small, globose cones; tiny red male cones are conspicuous in a few cultivars

Lawson Cypress (Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana)
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