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Brewers weeping Spruce trees (picea breweriana) evergreen arboretum tree ‘a must have spruce’.

Fantastic for lawn centre piece Brewers Spruce trees(picea breweriana).   An evergreen conifer forming a medium-sized tree of broadly conical habit, with drooping curtains of dark green foliage, and oblong purplish cones to 10cm in length. With rigid, needle-like leaves arranged singly all round the shoots, and narrow, leathery-scaled cones borne near the ends of the shoots. Confined in the wild to a few mountain tops on the Oregon-California border USA. Occasional in larger gardens, and admired by many. This has become common British arboreta.  If you have the space in a large garden this is a 'must have' spruce, great as a lawn centre piece. The distinctive hanging curtains of deep green foliage on stiff horizontal branches immediately give its identity away. Its tall slender outline and conical top resemble a green fountain frozen in time. Moderately high rainfall and slightly acid soils are preferred but this spruce will grow in most soil and climatic conditions. A clump of 5 is effective, more than 10 may create a gloomy sombre environment. The drooping foliage is a snow shedding adaptation from the trees alpine past. In cultivation it needs side shelter to keep its symmetry.

in 10yrs=3mts 10yrs=5mts event hgt=20metres


Chalky sites but do need damp soil and some shelter from winds.

Key Features:

Much sought after lawn specimen. Weeping habit. Slow in first 10 years but then rapidly grows.

Brewers weeping Spruce trees (picea breweriana) evergreen arboretum tree 'a must have spruce'.
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