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Dove Tree (Davidia Involucrata) or Hankerchief tree

Dove trees (Davidia Involucrata trees) also known as the handkerchief tree or ghost tree is a deciduous conically shaped tree. It is much sought after for its large droopy white flowers that do look like 'ladies handkerchief' scattered on branches when more mature. It should be planted in rich damp soil with a fairly sheltered position.   Can tolerate full sun and partial shade. The leaves are dark green with a leathery appearance with red stalks having hardly any autumn colouring although they have been known to turn pink. In the right conditions it can reach 20mtr in height. Best planted on a damp site.

In 3yrs 4metres - 10years - 12 metres -can event grow to 20mtrs


Damp rich soil, full sun or partial shade. Best in damp site.

Key Features

Drooping white flowers

Dove Tree (Davidia Involucrata) or Hankerchief tree
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