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COAST REDWOOD Sequoia Sempervirens

Coast Redwood Sequoia Sempervirens is a very fast, tall growing tree with a distinctive narrow conical shape. The bark of this tree is made up of a thick soft spongy feel to it and is reddish in colour. Its native habitat which is North America would help to insulate it against wildfires. This tree has slightly drooping branches with green needle like leaves arranged in two rows. A good specimen tree suitable for large parks or very large gardens. A very majestic looking tree and when fully grown can reach heights of up to 90meters and living for over 2000 years. Walking through a grove of these Coast Redwood Sequoia sempervirens trees is similar to walking through a cathedral. This tree likes full sun with moist or well drained soil, equally it appreciates a sheltered position out of cold winds.  

Can reach up to 90 meters in height and spread approx 10 meters.


Sheltered conditions out of cold winds. Full sun and well drained soils.

Key Features

Excellent specimen tree suitable for larger gardens and parks. Dropping majestic branches.

COAST REDWOOD Sequoia Sempervirens
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