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Kashmir Rowan (Sorbus Cashmiriana)

Kashmir Rowan (Sorbus Cashmiriana) tree comes from Kashmir and areas near the Himalayas, and is distinctly different from many other rowan species. It grows clusters of soft pink flowers in spring. In midsummer, heavy bunches of attractive pure white fruits which persist right into the winter, even after the leaves have fallen. Kashmir Rowan is a superb small ornamental mountain ash. It has the attraction of spring flowers and persistent berries later on. The pretty flowers are pale pink which is unusual for a rowan. They occur reliably each year in flattish clusters. In the autumn the leaves turn yellow and then dark brown. They fall in October leaving heavy bunches of 2cm pearly white berries which, probably because of their large size, are only taken by birds as a last resort. This tree from Kashmir was first cultivated in 1934. Kashmir Rowan (sorbus cashmiriana) prefers full sun or partly shaded conditions. The growth over 20 years in height and spread is approximately 4 x 3 metres.

in 10yrs=3 metres - event height= 9 metres


Tolerant of a wide range of soils and situations.

Key Features

Spreading habit, pink flowers in late spring followed by pink-tinted white berries.

Kashmir Rowan (Sorbus Cashmiriana)
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