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Golden Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan)

Golden Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan) is a medium-sized, bushy, deciduous shrub or tree,  leaf colour varying at different seasons.  This small picturesque distinctly Japanese tree brings a flash of gold to the arboretum throughout the summer months. It has rounded yellow leaves, each having about 11 toothed lobes. It is very much an enthusiasts plant. Clusters of tiny, red-purple spring flowers and vivid young yellow leaves in spring, yellow-green in summer turning to shades of brilliant yellow, orange and red in autumn. Shelter from strong winds and severe frost is also important. In the tree landscape this is a foreground subject best viewed at close range against a dark backdrop of yew or box. Specimens of Golden Japanese Maple Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan over 4 metres tall are rare. It requires fresh moist soil, probably slightly acid, with a good humus content and nutritional status. Once the tree is established it can be pruned to good effect (preferably in the months of July and August). For more MAPLe trees click here

in 10 years 1metre-20years 2metres-eventual height 3 metres.


Semi shade, will not tolerate too much sun.

Key Features

Golden/yellow leaves in early spring. Beautiful colourful autumn leaves red,bronze. Good small specimen.

Golden Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Japonicum Aureum Jordan)
Size (cm)
40 - 60
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Price11 - 30
Price31 - 150
Price151 - 1000
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