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Cut Leaved Birch Tree (Betula Crispa)

SPECIAL OFFER Cut Leaved Birch (Betula Crispa) Tree with elegant and fine graceful branches and drooping shoots. This is a good landscape plant having a bright silver and brown stem and light airy foliage. Almost no shade is cast and it will not block views. It will grow perfectly well in full sun, and is totally hardy in Britain.  The Cut Leaved Birch (Betula Crispa old name was Dalecarlica) tree has finely cut leaves and is so similar to the 'Laciniata' that is very difficult to tell them apart.  The leaves on the 'Laciniata' apparently has a deeper cut leaf. Pruning of any birch is best done during late summer or early autumn.  Branches can be trimmed to allow easier grass cutting. A good graceful tree - more choices of Birch trees here 

Eventual height can reach 7m x 3m width


Tolerates most soils in full/semi sun

Key Features:

Attractive slender cut leaves.

Cut Leaved Birch Tree (Betula Crispa)
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