How To Plant A Tree

22nd June 2021
Bare root trees should be planted between November and March. Don’t plant them when the ground is frozen or waterlogged.

When ready to plant, ‘split’ the ground with a spade and place the plant into the slot. Heal it in with your foot to make sure there are no air holes, and it’s planted firmly in the ground.

Once planted, young plants should be regularly watered during the first growing season.

To plant large trees (e.g 120cm high) you will need to dig a much larger hole which the roots can easily sit in. If the tree is in an exposed place where it can be windy, it’s recommended to put a stake into the hole.

Place the tree next to the stake, and fill in the hole with the soil. Make sure all the roots are covered and the tree and stake are vertical.

Finally, stamp down on the soil at the base of the tree with your foot. A tree tie or buckle tie is recommended to tie the tree to the stake to give it support. Ideally water larger trees during their first growing season.

Only potted trees can be planted out at any time of the year, as there’s minimal disturbance to their roots.

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