Native Trees

22nd August 2020

NATIVE TREES (since the Ice Age) is a tree which has grown naturally in the area and has not been introduced by man.


Our Native Trees are:-

Alder, Aspen, Ash,

Bay Willow, Beech, Bird Cherry, Black Poplar,  Box,

Crab Apple, Crack Willow, Common or Pedunculate Oak,

Downy Birch,

Field Maple,

Goat Willow,

Hazel, Holly,  Hornbeam, Hawthorn or quickthorn,


Large Leaf Lime,

Midland Thorn,


Scots Pine, Small Leaved Lime, Sessile Oak, Silver Birch,

Wild service tree, white willow, wild cherry, whitebeam,  wych elm


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