Planting deciduous trees

22nd August 2019

DECIDUOUS TREES lose leaves in autumn and grow new leaves in the spring. Most uk native trees are deciduous offering an everchanging landscape around the country from spring, summer, autumn to winter. Several deciduous trees hold their leaves for longer, coming in to leaf early in spring-blossoming fruit trees including cherries. Ash trees are usually the last to leaf.

Planting deciduous barerooted trees is always best done in Autumn. Trees are like hibernating animals, they take in extra nutrients in the Autumn to see themselves through the winter and to do this they send out a spurt of growth from late September to early November.    Potted trees can be planted any time of the year.

Roots grow best when the soil temperature is warm and there is good water availability, so planting our deciduous trees in Autumn takes advantage of this reaction and goes a long way to establish a tree before the leaves come out in the following spring.

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