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  • Wild Cherry Plum Prunus Myroblana

    SPECIAL OFFER Wild CherryPlum Prunus Myroblana Tree or hedging.  Deep in the summer, wild plums start to ripen and take on a range of royal colours, from blushing peach to port red to amethyst. When fully ripen, unriped bitterness is replaced by a honeyed-sweetness that make wild plums mouthwatering. Bark is dark grey on…
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  • Wild Cherry Tree (Prunus Avium)

    SPECIAL OFFER The Wild Cherry tree's (Prunus Avium) fruits are bright red to dark purple in colour. The white blossom of our native cherries has brightened Britain's hedgerows and woodlands for millennia. The blossom has an unforgettable display in spring. The flowers fragrance and sweet nectar attract insects to the tree to pollinate…
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