Wet Areas

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  • WEEPING KATSURA TREE (cercidiphyllum japonicum pendulum)

    The Weeping Katsura tree (cercidiphyllum japonicum pendulum) was first introduced in Britain in about 1864. This is an important tree in garden design as it adds an air of elegance and adds a distinctively different kind of foliage as well as a great display of autumn colours. It may look delicate, but is remarkably robust.…
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  • White Poplar tree (populus alba)

    White poplar (Populus alba) Good screening tree. The leaves are large, to 10cm, and maple-like with five lobes. Young leaves are covered with a white hairy down, which gradually fade from the upper surface, but retained on the underside throughout the season. The upper surface becomes dark green, turning yellow before leaf fall in autumn.…
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  • White Willow (Salix Alba)

    White willow trees,(salix Alba) these may be dwarf shrubs, bushes or large trees. Many are suitable for ornamental use. Coppice and pollards of some provide superb winter twig colours. Most willows tolerate wet ground (so do not plant over drains), but not sustained total immersion. They are good for wildlife being host to numerous herbivores…
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  • Willow (Goats willow), (Pussy Willow) Salix Caprea

    Salix Caprea - Goats willow also known as pussy willow or sallow.  Normally grows as a sizeable bush but occasionally reaches 10 metres as a small tree. In spring, male trees are quite stunning with their display of bright yellow catkins. The female tree's catkins develop cottony seeds which are released into the wind during…
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  • Wingnut Tree (Pterocarya Fraxinifolia)

    WINGNUT TREE - This spectacular striking tree, it is difficult not to be impressed by them, even if they are seen in winter, bare of foliage. Makes a lovely shade tree, a cool place to walk into, or eat, on a hot summer day. This large deciduous tree is a member of the same family…
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