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COMMON OAK (Quercus Robor)

Bare root stock available Oct-April or PRE ORDER NOW and reserve Common or English oak trees , Quercus Robor is found across most of lowland Britain. Broadly spreading tree, grows well on heavy clays. In May leaves and flowers appear together. Common oak supports more species of insect than any other native tree. Oak timber is legendary for its strength and appearance. There are good and bad oak timber sites. It prefers heavier soil and tolerates water logging better than sessile. These have been well known to foresters for generations. Light gravelly soil tends to produce 'shaky' oak. Branches are vigorous so timber trees needs careful early pruning to produce straight knot free wood. Living oaks are picturesque in the rural landscape. Individuals may live for a thousand years and stems in excess of 375 cm diameter (over 38 feet round) are known. Pruning if required should be done when the tree is dormant i.e October through to March.  Avoid pruning newly planted Oak trees unless they have dead or broken branches. It's advised if any major surgery is required on more mature Oak trees then a qualified and registered expert should be consulted.

Most trees reach a maximum of 50' to 70' (15m to 21m) tall.


Full sun. Moist, fertile well-drained soil preferred. Soil pH is not critical.

Key Features

flowers and leaves in May. Acorns. Good timber

COMMON OAK (Quercus Robor)
COMMON OAK (Quercus Robor)
COMMON OAK (Quercus Robor)
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60 - 90
150 - 180
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