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Cornus Kousa Flowering Dogwood Cappuccino

SPECIAL OFFER The Cornus Kousa, flowering dogwood Cappuccino - Most attractive Cornus Kousa Cappuccino which can be a small tree or shrub. The leaves emerge bright green and turn to bronze and deep burgundy crimson throughout the summer. Cornus Kousa is a deciduous shrub/tree that produces tiny green flowers surrounded by 4 creamy white bracts which are an outstanding size of 6-8cm wide. Edible and thought to be delicious sweet fruits ripen at the end of the summer which are pink to produce a colourful display. Water well and regularly for the first spring and summer, increasing in periods of hot or dry weather. Avoid over watering as Cappuccino Dogwood does not like wet soil. When planting in autumn, you may only need to water a little. Take care to water the soil, not the leaves which can lead to scorching - irrigation kits help. kousa flowering dogwood cappuccino can reach 3 meters high but will spread to the sides with horizontal branches. Hardy in most parts of the UK and does well in full sun or partial shade in well drained fertile soil but grows best in acidic soil. It is also wind resistant. Other 'Dogwood' trees can be found here

eventual size 210/250cm spread 2 meters


Full sun or partial shade wind resistant


Beautiful white flowers unusual colouring of leaves throughout the summer

Cornus Kousa Flowering Dogwood Cappuccino
Size (cm)
120/150 potted
Price1 - 10
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