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Juniper Juniperus Hibernica

The Juniperus communis Hibernica (Irish Juniper), is a popular slim columnar conifer. It forms a neat, well ordered column, with its soft looking blue-green slightly feathery foliage. Useful for the smaller garden since it is unlikely to ever outgrow its position. Suitable for screen or shrubbery, vary hardy. The Hibernica is a compact and dense shrub that grows to a height of 4 metres and spreads to a width of 1/2 metre. The foliage takes on a purplish-blue hue in the Winter months, adding even more interest to the landscape. The juniper tree is one of Britain's native conifers. Used in ancient Egypt for helping to make oil from the leaves to mummify the bodies of their dead. In medieval Europe the branches of the juniper where burnt to keep away evil, however, today the berries are used to flavour gin.  The Juniper Juniperus Hibernica is also known as Irish Juniper is drought tolerant . Ideal for using as a specimen plant or for use in a mixed border. Slow growing so ideal for the small garden. Native to Britain. Small conical tree for the small garden or grouped for the larger garden. Other columnar trees can be seen here 

will reach heights of up to 12-15ft


Full sun, well draines soil

Key Features

Evergreen conical small cedar,blue-green leaves ,very hardy and berries good for gin flavouring.

Juniper Juniperus Hibernica
Size (cm)
60 - 90
Price1 - 10
Price11 - 130
Price131 - 150
Price151 - 1000
Price1001+ +
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