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Katsura Trees Cercidiphyllum Japonicum

GREAT present, heart shaped leaves! Katsura Trees-Cercidiphyllum Japonicum (sometimes called the candy floss tree) is one of the most enchanting of all trees that fits in a small garden. It's a lovely easily grown deciduous tree with its neat, heart-shaped leaves that have a pink-bronze tint when young in the spring and become fresh green in summer and take on many colours in autumn, from creamy yellow to pink and oranges. On cold mornings they emit a delicious toffee-apple aroma that can be picked up on a calm day or some distance away which mingles with the sweet perfume of other plants. The Katsura has both spring and autumn interesting colours and is most suitable for the small garden. There is something of interest all year round on this tree. In winter numerous bright red flowers occur, male and female on separate plants. Later the rounded heart shaped bronze-red leaves emerge. During the following month they turn to yellow and then pea-green. In the autumn the foliage colour changes again to dusty-pink and creamy-yellow. This species is most effective as a small group (which increases the chances of having male and female trees together). Katsura trees prefer side shelter, and compliment other brightly coloured trees. Originally from Japan and parts of eastern China, this tree was introduced to Britain in 1881. It had arrived in America 16 years earlier, collected by Thomas Hogg who was a US customs officer.

Mature Height: 15m Spread:8m


Hardy tree will tolerate most soils

Key Features

heart shapes leaves,pinky/bronze when young, turning fresh green ,autumn colour yellow orange and pink/red.

Katsura Trees Cercidiphyllum Japonicum
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