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Red Snake Bark Maple Trees (Acer Capillipes)

Acer Capillipes-Red snake-bark maple trees are beautiful trees. It certainly earns its keep, thanks to its green bark streaked with white that remains attractive all year. In autumn, its distinctively-shaped three-pointed leaves turn bright red and orange before falling. The branches are naturally arching, giving the tree an elegant, spreading shape. Fully hardy, trees require sunny or semi-shaded sites with fertile and moist, but well-drained soil. They will benefit from a top dressing of fertiliser around the base of the plant in spring.

It is one of the hardiest maples of its type. It's also very site tolerant so long as soils are reasonable and climatic conditions are not severe.


in 10 years 6mts. 20years 12mts. event. hgt 15 metres


Hardy, most soil types but not exposed conditions.

Key Features

Interesting bark feature. Good autumn colouring orange/red.

Red Snake Bark Maple Trees (Acer Capillipes)
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