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Amelanchier Alnifolia Obelisk

Amelanchier Alnifolia Obelisk is a rather slender tree or large shrub. Beautiful display of pure white star shaped flowers with green centres in April.  Young bronze leaves emerge which mature to green throughout the summer before turning orange/yellow in the autumn. Dark reddish purple  fruits are left on the tree during the winter and can be eaten or used in jams (but birds also love these berries)  Delight for small gardens.  Thriving in moist, well-drained lime free soil. Best autumn colours achieved if planted in full sun position and will tolerate partial shade.    

Slender tree will grow after 10 years 6m x 3m


Thrives in moist, well drained, lime free soil. Best in sunny position but will tolerate partial shade

Key Features

Clusters of beautiful white star shaped flowers in April. Young leaves emerge bronze before maturing to green and in the Autumn turning eye catching orange/yellow. Must for smaller gardens.

Amelanchier Alnifolia Obelisk
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