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Cappadocian Maple (Acer Cappadocicum)

Cappadocian Maple (Acer Cappadocicum)- The most striking feature of these maple trees is the sprout leaves unfold red, and the whole crown of leaves turn a fantastic butter yellow in October. A good ornamental tree, it's frequent in the larger gardens. The medium sized rounded head of branches on a sunny October day is a memorable sight, the strong foliage can be viewed to advantage from any direction. Being one of the few maples to sucker around the trunk it is ideally grown where the surroundings are grazes, mown or under paving. Unlike many maple species this tree is seldom attacked by squirrels. The ultimate height seldom exceeds 10 metres. Once established specimens will live for a very long time. It tolerates the British lowland climate very well, even in the north. Trees are known on both acid and alkaline soils but neutral conditions probably suit it best. Adequate soil moisture is important. As the name, Cappadocian Maple (Acer Cappadocicum), suggests this tree comes from the Caucasus. Its range extends to the Himalayas and West Asia. It was introduced to Britain in 1838. Although not common, it can be found close to great houses and in collections in virtually every county. In all eight species of Maple are native to Asia Minor and the Caucasus Mountains.

Eventual height 20metres spread 15 meters


Most soil types, prefers some sun will tolerate shade

Key Features

Leaves unfold red, turning a fantastic butter yellow in autumn, giving good autumn colour

Cappadocian Maple (Acer Cappadocicum)
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