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Purple Birch Tree (Betula Purpurea)

SPECIAL OFFER  Purple Birch tree (Betula Purpurea). Arboretum tree, striking purple foliage against silver white bark. This striking tree is very similar to the silver birch, but is more ornamental and looks more columnar than the silver birch. Deep purple foliage appear in the spring followed by more lush red/coppery leaves, which is quite striking against the silvery white bark. The bark will develop a purple tinge with age. All potted items once received especially during hot weather should as soon as possible have all packaging taken off and placed outside and watered well.  Once planted it will still require a good watering during its first year until established. An excellent choice for gardens as it grows well on a wide range of soils. Also of interest to tree collectors with dreams of their very own arboretums due to it being one of the rarer cultivars. PRUNING of the Purple Birch Tree (Betula Purpurea) is advised during late summer or early autumn taking care to prune out any branches that rub together.  Minimal Pruning is required, prune out side shoots to create a clear trunk. More Birch trees here 

Eventual height 6-8 meters


prefers sandy soil but will tolerate most soils but not chalk.

Key Features:

purple leaf slow growing,followed by red/coppery leaves,bark purple tinge

Purple Birch Tree (Betula Purpurea)
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