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Lodgepole Pine Pinus Contorta

Pinus contorta-Lodgepole Pine grows well on most soil conditions, foliage is bright green, long and not too dense. Female flowers grow on tips of new shoots, male flowers are yellow and grow at base of new growth. During the past 100 years British forestry has relied upon the lodgepole pine to extend tree cover beyond the tolerance of Sitka Spruce. Given wet acid conditions, and cultivation, it will grow almost to the edge of the sub-Arctic. There are many forms occurring naturally within its native range from Alaska along the Pacific coast of North America to California. In Britain the forester's choice has usually been between vigorous heavily branched but unstable shore pine, and slower growing straight inland types. Years of research and provenance selection has now given us a lodgepole pine for almost every situation. This tall pine will grow upto 80ft and can grow on quite poor soils.
Lodgepole Pine Pinus Contorta
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